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Naples during World War 2

    Did you know that there was a prisoner of war camp in Naples during WW2? The background photo below shows the camp barracks, enclosed by barbed-wire fencing. The photo was taken from a vantage point near Widmer's Winery (now Hazlitt's Winery), facing east towards Main Street. Today, only one of the barracks remains. It is painted red, and stands across the street from St. Januarius Church. (See also #10 on our Walking Tour of Historic Naples)

How do we know what happened at this prisoner of war camp?

Who lived there? What were their days like? What was it like for the residents of Naples?
    I first heard about this POW camp from a Neapolitan who had memories of the camp. As I began to dig to learn more, I thought about the adage that 100 different people will tell 100 different stories about the same event. Multiple perspectives are helpful for understanding a topic as complex as World War 2.

Where can we find the answers to questions about Naples history?
- visit the Naples Historical Society's archives

- visit the Naples Library archives & also ask about books by local authors

- web archives of historic newpapers, such as _________

- web search engine results

    Follow the timeline below to experience how the stories of Naples during WW2 unfold as they are shared through different media sources and perspectives over time.

(This page is still a work in progress — Thank you for your patience)


Special Thanks to Blanche Warner, Naples Library Director Kendyl Litwiller, and Naples Historian John Murphy for their assistance with this research.

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