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Win your very own Custom Artwork by Darryl Abraham!
Enter our annual Spring Raffle for your chance to win!

Darryl has graciously offered to produce a custom piece of art for the lucky winner, who can pick the scene and Darryl will create an 18” x 24” colorfully painted, wood-burned relief for you (valued at $600).


WINNER will be announced on Saturday, July 6th 12:00 Noon at the Cleveland House Museum

Darryl Abraham and his art are well known in the Naples community. His sculptures and drawings of farmhouses, stores, boats, and landscapes celebrate the history of the Finger Lakes region, and his artwork can be found on store signs and murals throughout Naples, as well as within the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s collection.

This raffle gave us a fun excuse to ask Darryl a few questions about his latest artworks:

Your art portrays not only the natural beauty of this area, but also details about the people and the unique culture and traditions of this place. What are some aspects of Naples that you hope viewers will remember or learn about from your art?

Darryl: My memory as a little kid is of 80 percent farming in the area. The grange was a great memory for me, dinners and gatherings, ... to help local farmers whether they were livestock farmers, nursery, or fruit farms — any type of agriculture. Good memories, great influences for creations of that vernacular, it’s ingrained in me.

How did you arrive at using wood burning as a medium?

Darryl: The wood burning became like a way of etching which I’ve always enjoyed, with the wood itself as a nice texture to incorporate with the burned-in line.

Some of your newest pieces feature birds & other critters more prominently — can you describe more about that?
Darryl: Birds [is a] subject matter I’m still fascinated with. My mother was an avid bird enthusiast, she would have loved the Cornell bird identification app Merlin. I think about her often with her care for the wildlife, especially birds with their unique sounds, colors and habitats.


In 100  years from now, what would you like people to know about what Naples is like today? 

Darryl: Naples has a unique quality tracing back to the Native Americans. The lake, hills, streams, hiking trails — so great to see people from near and far enjoy this very unique area - past, present, and further.

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